Saturday, November 13, 2010

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than...


The city of Baltimore, looking west from 6,000 feet above the outer harbor. The dark area on the left is the Inner Harbor. Usually N631S and I are routed directly above the Inner Harbor on the way down from Lancaster (LRP) to Baltimore (BAL) but last night we were vectored out to the east for KBWI traffic.

The FlightAware track at left shows the deviation, which ended up with "direct Nottingham" then the visual approach to runway 6 at KVKX.

The weather gods delivered as promised for this flight. It was a perfectly clear, moonlit night with temperatures aloft well above freezing and a tailwind! Ground speed for most of the trip down from Bridgeport was around 145 knots and the time en-route runway-to-runway was 2 hours + 7 minutes. What a superb flight!

And, a shout-out to Sarah. I guess I wasn't routed through your sector this trip. Maybe next time!


Sarah said...

I was watching for you! I was actually working west departures when you came in so I didn't get to work your flight this time (I did wave from behind the scope, though). Glad to hear it went well...the weather looked absolutely gorgeous!! :)

Frank Van Haste said...

I thought I saw you wave, Sarah! Yep...it was beautiful. Now, will be departing tomorrow AM around 13Z; will be nice here but looks like I'll get to shoot the ILS 6 into KBDR.

We'll get together on the freq one of these days.

Thanks as always to you and your colleagues for keeping us safe.



Eric and Ann said...

Hi Frank! I'm a controller at PCT and regularly work you in and out of the airspace here. In fact, I'm pretty certain that I cleared you for the visual on Nov 13th. I've enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading about your future adventures.

Frank Van Haste said...

Hi, Eric and/or Ann!

Thanks for reading...and for being part of the superb PCT organization. You folks are Top Drawer.

My last couple of trips have been pretty uneventful, so blog activity has suffered a bit. But rest assured, you'll read about any "adventures" I get to enjoy.

Thanks again,