Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Annual Inspection (II)

The annual proceeds apace. I stopped at the hangar this morning and reviewed "squawks thusfar" with Mike the IA. Mostly trivial. Three items deserving of note:
  • The flexible bellows in the carb inlet air duct in the lower cowl has chafed through rather badly. Not judged repairable. So they are starting to research getting a new one, which may generate a separate post on the cost of Cessna parts. Also, the actual replacement of the bellows is a fussy little job -- a bunch of rivets.
  • One of the Slick magnetos is due for its 500 hour inspection.
  • There's a crack in the baffling at the forward end of cylinder #6. Looks like an aluminum L-shaped doubler and a couple of rivets are in order.
Mike expects to finish up the inspection later today (or tomorrow morning at the latest). It is looking reasonably likely that I can have N631S back by Friday for my weekly trek to DC.

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