Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Annual Inspection (I)

The flight yesterday morning from VKX to BDR was a longish 2.3 hours. On arrival I taxied to the Three Wing maintenance hangar and handed the airplane over to the wrench turners.

I stopped off at the airport this morning to check on progress. N631S is in the hangar, with all of the inspection covers opened, the cowling removed and the interior stripped. Mike the IA said he really had only just started inspecting, but that the cylinder compressions were all acceptable. Other than the need to replace a couple of stripped screws, he's found nothing so far to cause concern.

I've told the folks at Three Wing that this year's watchword is Frugal. Given the current economic conditions, we are going to defer anything that is deferable, consistent with making no compromises on airworthiness. They say that they "get it", and that every owner/operator is telling them the same thing.

I shall visit them again tomorrow, by which time Mike should be nearly done with the inspection.

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