Thursday, July 21, 2016

To every thing, there is a season...

Well, if anyone is still dropping by here, I have some news. After nearly 12 years and close to 1,400 hours in the air, N631S has moved on to a new home.

I sold our business in Connecticut back in June of last year. At that point, poor '31 Sierra lost its mission. Over the ensuing 12 months I only flew about 20 hours (in contrast with the previous six years or so, when I flew from 120 to 150 hours each year). This wasn't good for the airplane (machinery stays healthy when used) and it wasn't good for me (not enough hours to really maintain proficiency). So, the airplane went on the market, and now its been sold to someone who will fly it.

This blog will stay up for at least a while, as an historical curiosity.

Oh, and I'm thinking about seeking a glider rating.

Meanwhile, I wish tailwinds and blue skies to all the friends I met here.