Friday, March 27, 2009

Annual Inspection (VI)

The parts are in and I've been assured that I'll have an airplane at 5 PM to fly to DC. I am fully aware that I am going off on a longish cross-country flight immediately after maintenance. In my defense I will point out that the weather is VMC and the sun won't be setting for quite some time -- so if I get any maintenance-induced failures, I'll have options.
I've filed for the usual routing...Sparta to East Texas to Lancaster to Baltimore to home...and the computer is predicting 2:18 en-route. If I can get out soon after 5:00 PM I should arrive at KVKX around 7:30.

Next week I'll bring the airplane back to Three Wing to clean up a couple of exterior items:
  • Address the bit of corrosion on the belly;
  • Paint one of the VHF antennae.

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