Saturday, April 3, 2010

Every Flight a Learning Experience

Even on the most uneventful of flights, you learn things if you pay attention. Last evening's trip from KBDR to KVKX was totally routine. Light winds, severe clear, couldn't find a cloud if you wanted. Just boring a hole in the sky.

The KEWR west arrivals sector gave me direct SBJ then direct LANNA (thank you very much) and soon switched me to Allentown Approach. Upon checking in with Allentown I decided to try something and said, "Allentown Approach, Skylane 631 Sierra, level 8,000, direct LANNA, and happy to take direct FLOAT whenever that works for you."

The immediate response was, "Skylane 631 Sierra, Allentown altimeter 30.13, cleared direct FLOAT, join Victor 39, resume own navigation."

Neat! Lesson learned: On check-in, ask for what you'd like to have. You may very well get it!


Brad said...

Hi Frank,

Just found your blog. I recetly bought and fly a 182P out of VKX, N182V. I have enjoyed reading your posts and I'm certainly learning a few tips on flying IFR to the northeast from reading. I'm down in the hangars off the approach to Rwy 6...I'll see you around!

Brad Z

Frank Van Haste said...

Brad, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you find this stuff useful.

I look forward to seeing you 'round the 'drome.