Friday, April 2, 2010

A Nice Day to Fly

With the Annual Inspection completed and last evening's half-hour flight check in the logbook, it's a perfect day for the flight back to the DC area. A look at the 1745Z satellite image (from Aviation Weather Center) reveals not a single weather feature between Connecticut and home:

The computer at FltPlan.com is suggesting that I should expect about 2 hours + 15 minutes en route.
That leaves me thinking about Monday morning and the trip back. At left, the current forecast map for Monday,courtesy of NOAA. It looks good, with high pressure dominating.

It's still early enough in the season to be thinking about the freezing level, so here at left (again, from Aviation Weather Center) the forecast 800mb pressure level temperature chart for Monday at 12Z. The zero degree isotherm is expected to be comfortably to the north.

So it should be not just a good day to fly today, but a good weekend to fly.

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