Friday, March 5, 2010

Clear and a Million

The weather did indeed cooperate ...and then some! The time enroute from KBDR to KVKX was 2 hours + 04 minutes runway to runway, with ground speeds mostly in the 145 to 150 knot range. And the weather, for the most part under a broken overcast at or above 10,000 feet, was remarkable. The old phrase, "Clear and a Million" definitely applies.

N631S is parked on an outdoor tie-down due to the problems previously discussed with the hangar doors. I had a look at the concrete cable anchor for the cable-stayed hangar roof and it sure looks to me as if it's been disturbed vertically. The good news is that the roof's been jacked and the doors are closed and secure.

It's promising to be a lovely weekend here in northern Virginia and so far I'm optimistic about the flight north on Monday morning.

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