Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good News, and Bad News

First the good news. I have it on good authority that the doors of N631S's hangar at KVKX are once again functional. Jim, the Wizard of Maintenance applied his Magical Elixir (some type of penetrating lubricant) to the ancient turnbuckles and then carefully persuaded them the turn without buckling, thus restoring the roof beam suspension cables to their desired level of tension. Upon removal of the column jack, the doors slid open and the doors slid shut.

Hurrah for Jim, the Wizard of Maintenance!

And now for the bad news...

It's going to rain, and the forecast for Friday afternoon is not looking any too good. The map shows the mid-Atlantic region enveloped in a complex frontal system and the models agree that the period should feature precipitation, low ceilings and limited visibility. The temperatures aloft are going to be marginal, with the freezing level around 6,000 feet.

I won't be making any decisions for another 24 hours but right now it's looking like AmTrak weather.

Oh, by the way, the flight north on Monday morning was splendid. There was a rather heavy layer of frost on N631S when I arrived at the airport but the rising sun quickly softened it enough to allow its removal and then the flight was 2.2 hours of delightful aviating.

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