Sunday, January 31, 2010

Changes at KBDR (cont'd (cont'd))

It was back in May of last year that I discussed here the demolition of the old KBDR passenger terminal to make way for Volo Aviation's new executive terminal and hangar complex. And in October I took note (in this post) that steel was being erected.

Now, the building is pretty much completed and, given its utilitarian role, I think that it looks OK (in this photo that I took Friday morning).

There is one minor issue. Take a look at this photo:

That white structure peeking out beyond the right corner of the hangar? Yep, that's the KBDR control tower. So? Well, now, if you depart the Three Wing FBO ramp, or if you taxi on the southwest end of Taxiway A, the tower says to you, "Not in sight." The tower controllers' view of those movement areas is blocked by the new hangar. I think that the tower can see (just barely) the approach end of Runway 6.

This is all, in my unschooled opinion, not an optimal situation. We'll just have to be careful out there.

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