Saturday, October 3, 2009

Uphill Flight

Last night's flight down to VKX from KBDR was long! 3.0 hours long. The headwind from the south-southwest was ferocious - over 50 knots at 8000 feet and "only" about 40 knots at 6000 feet. For most of the trip N631S was delivering a true air speed of about 137 knots, but the ground speed was frequently less than 100 knots.

The good news is that the weather situation was just as forecast (see this post).

The photo shows the screen of the GPSmap 396 approaching Lancaster, PA, and the point is that the weather seen off to the west was about as close as it got. In and out of the layered clouds, as expected, but no precipitation.

I was happy to be done for the day when I landed at Potomac Airfield. Courtesy of our friends at Flight Aware, here's the track:

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