Sunday, October 25, 2009

Post #100

As it happens, I put up the first post on this blog eight months ago - 25 February 09. This being the 100th post, I seem to have been holding forth 12.5 times each month.

According to data collected by statcounter.com, there have been roughly 14 visits/day over the last two weeks. A sizable percentage of the visitors are responding to search-engine hits (mostly Google).

A few posts in the archive seem to be "best sellers", as they keep getting Google-inspired visits. In order of "popularity", these include:

Statcounter.com also provides the geographic location and IP address of visitors. You get to know the folks who come back more than a few times. I seem to have "fans" in (among other places) South Bend, IN (someone who works the midnight shift, judging from the times he/she visits), Stillwater, OK (possibly two folks, one of whom logs on from OSU), Overland Park, KS and Hammond, IN. To these folks and others who have taken the time to stop by and read the blog, I'd like to say, "Thanks!"

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