Friday, September 11, 2009

Off Into the Schmoo

David Wartofsky, the pleasantly eccentric owner/operator of my home 'drome, Potomac Airfield (VKX), likes to use the word "schmoo" to describe generic gusty, wet, low, opaque weather. I like it.

Well there was a lot of schmoo out there today. Because I had to be in Virginia earlier that usual, N631S and I got out of KBDR early. Wheels up at 1320Z. Courtesy of the low coming into the coast off of Delaware there were nice tailwinds from the east for most of the trip. Of the 2.3 hours, about 1.8 were in solid IMC.

Thanks to FlightAware, I can show you the track:

Usually I'd go from Lancaster directly over Baltimore thence to VKX. Today, Potomac Approach was kind enough to vector me to the west, around the heavier precipitation via Westminster (EMI) then south to the Nottingham VOR (OTT). Thereafter, the RNAV 6 approach into VKX was on offer. The Minimum Descent Altitude for that approach is 680 feet MSL. I broke out of the schmoo (love it!) at around 900. It's all good.

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