Sunday, September 27, 2009

Five Years and Counting

As of today it's been five years since N631S joined our family. On 27 September 2004, Bob Parks and I left Keokuk, IA at about 1100 local time for the trip back to Connecticut. After more than 27 years in the midwest, N631S was about to become an East Coast airplane.

With a fuel stop in Youngstown, OH, we finished the 6.6 hour trip right around 1900 EDT.

In the five years since that day I've flown N631S for 566.4 hours. We've been to Colorado and to North Carolina. We've flown 16 night hours and 36.3 actual IMC hours. We've shot 73 instrument approaches, 23 in actual conditions and the rest "under the hood".

N631S has had its interior completely refurbished and its avionics suite thoroughly upgraded. (One of these days, the airplane will get the paint job I've promised it.)

Having N631S available makes my rather strange schedule - weekdays in CT, weekends in VA - possible. Couldn't do it without the airplane.

Five years into it, I'm sure we acquired the perfect airplane for our needs and I'm looking forward to many more years with it.


Bob said...

I really enjoy your blog and love of flying! I was the N631S driver while it lived in Iowa. It was a great plane and I enjoyed every minute of the many hours we spent together. Thanks for taking great care of a fantastic airplane!!

Frank Van Haste said...


Great to hear from you! N631S sure is a great airplane. I am grateful to have found it, and grateful to you and Greg Gobble and all of the earlier owners and pilots for having taken good care of it. I hope I'm continuing the tradition.

Hope you're having good flying these days.

Fair winds,