Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some trips are interesting...some not so much!

Last weekend fell into the "not too interesting" category, as the only thing worthy of comment about the round trip was the southwesterly wind aloft. I got a quick trip up Tuesday morning, and I got to enjoy aviating for a long time on the preceding Friday afternoon.

The weekend ahead is shaping up, at this writing (Wednesday morning), to be more interesting for my weekly trip to the DC area. The forecast map for Friday morning looks like this:

The warm front is expected to go by here in Connecticut over Thursday evening. We'll be in the warm sector, so presumably flight conditions aloft by late Friday afternoon may be wet but shouldn't be icy. Here's the forecast for 9,000 MSL temperatures at 00Z Friday evening:
Finally, the winds at 6,000MSL are forecast to look like this:

All in all, a flyable evening looks to be in store.

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