Sunday, April 19, 2009

Should Be an Interesting Morning!

Tomorrow morning's plan is to depart KVKX as close to 0730 local as I can arrange. I anticipate getting wet. The TAF for Washington National looks like this:

KDCA 192328Z 2000/2024 11010G20KT P6SM -RA SCT050 OVC080
FM200500 10012G20KT 5SM -RA BR BKN012 OVC040
FM201000 07010G20KT 4SM -RA OVC008
FM201400 10010G20KT 5SM -RA OVC012
FM201830 15012G20KT 3SM SHRA VCTS BKN015CB
FM202300 15010KT 5SM -RA BR OVC010

At the time of interest, light rain and an overcast at 800 feet, four mile visaibility and an east wind at 10 knots with gusts to 20.

For arrival, two hours later at KBDR, here is the forecast:

KBDR 192324Z 2000/2024 11010KT P6SM FEW060 SCT120 BKN250
FM200600 10009KT P6SM SCT060 OVC120
FM201200 09013G21KT P6SM SCT025 OVC080
FM201500 09015G24KT 6SM -RA SCT025 OVC050
FM201700 09018G27KT 4SM -RA OVC025
FM201900 09020G28KT 2SM RA OVC015
FM202100 09017G27KT 2SM RA OVC008

For arrival about 0930 local, wind from the east (favoring Runway 6) at 13 knots with gusts to 21, better than 6 miles visibility, a scattered layer at 2,500 and overcast at 5,000.

The freezing levels throughout the route are forecast to be at from 8,000 MSL in the south sloping to about 6,000 MSL in the north. I have filed for 5,000 up along the New Jersey coastal route and over KJFK.

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