Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Annual Inspection (iv)

We appear to be in the home stretch. I stopped at the airport this morning to drop off the Brackett air filter hardware (it turns out that Three Wing stocks the filter elements) and to check with Mike the IA on the status of the inspection. The only area yet to be looked at is the nose gear.

Mike discovered an area under the rear window that appears to be leaking and so we'll re-seal as needed. There are a few other fairly minor airframe items to attend to, but in total N631S is in fine shape for a mature airplane.

The replacement engine mount assemblies were expected to arrive today. It's looking good for getting everything done by the end of Thursday. That's great, as it will allow me to do a post-maintenance test flight after work on Thursday prior to heading back down to the DC area on Friday afternoon.

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