Thursday, July 21, 2016

To every thing, there is a season...

Well, if anyone is still dropping by here, I have some news. After nearly 12 years and close to 1,400 hours in the air, N631S has moved on to a new home.

I sold our business in Connecticut back in June of last year. At that point, poor '31 Sierra lost its mission. Over the ensuing 12 months I only flew about 20 hours (in contrast with the previous six years or so, when I flew from 120 to 150 hours each year). This wasn't good for the airplane (machinery stays healthy when used) and it wasn't good for me (not enough hours to really maintain proficiency). So, the airplane went on the market, and now its been sold to someone who will fly it.

This blog will stay up for at least a while, as an historical curiosity.

Oh, and I'm thinking about seeking a glider rating.

Meanwhile, I wish tailwinds and blue skies to all the friends I met here.


Dave Starr said...

Hi Frank,

Well as your title says, everything has it's season, and I'm sad to see this one pass, but I wish you well on the rest of your journey. The glider rating sounds interesting, do it and blog about it, please.

Remember your invitation to visit the Philippines is still open, even if you fly via airlines instead of N631S.

Be well

Frank Van Haste said...

Thank you, Dave. Best wishes to you and yours.


Chris said...

Frank, I miss your posts and I've been wondering about you. It sounds like this has been a big year of change for you. I hope all is well otherwise.

I do hope that you pursue the glider rating. That sounds like terrific fun and I would love to hear your thoughts on it once you get going as it's on my bucket list, too.

Best wishes to you, Frank! Thanks for the update.

Frank Van Haste said...

Chris, nice to hear from you!

Yes, it's been a big year of transition. I guess I can use the r-word (Retired!) now. But not idle...I'm taking an active role in my Homeowners' Assn and this fall I'll be doing the docent training program at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. Really looking forward to that. And, maybe the glider rating.

If I do pursue that, I may well blog about the process, so you might hear further from me.

Best wishes back at ya'. Keep the shiny side up.


Gary said...


Thank you for all the great posts over the years and your book reviews. I appreciate the update, I was wondering about your flight status.

The glider rating sounds fun, I'm looking forward, as others, to reading about the new experience.

Best of health and happiness!

Frank Van Haste said...

Thanks, Gary!

We're headed for the upper 90's today and the next few weeks promise to be HOT. I think I'll defer starting the "glider guider" adventure 'til the temps moderate a bit.

Best wishes back at ya!


No Longer a Factor said...

Best wishes for the next chapter in your life! I can only imagine how difficult such a decision would have been for me. Stepping away from my ATC days was hard enough but, once done, there were no regrets.

Coincidentally, I got into gliders myself after I retired. I have two of them. In fact, I actually flipped one over the other day. The one on the patio was beginning to squeak so I had to give it a few shots of WD-40. As you know; gliding should be a very quiet experience. :))


Frank Van Haste said...

NLAF, thanks!

Glad your glider maintenance is going well -- you can do anything with duck tape and WD-40.



Unknown said...

I will be one of those now flying her in Texas. Looks like a good and capable bird!

Frank Van Haste said...

Good luck with her, Shawn! She always took good care of me.

Fair skies and tailwinds,


LarryPetro said...


Thanks for your thoughtful reports on the art of aviating; I appreciate the care and work that you put into them. I learned from them, and enjoyed the vicarious flights.

I hope that you are well. Perhaps I'll join one of your tours at NASM.

All the best,
Larry Petro
C177RG @ KVKX (for a few more weeks)

Bosimetal said...

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