Friday, March 26, 2010

2010 Annual Inspection (ii)

There isn't much to report from this morning's visit to N631S's annual-in-progress. The inspection is, I'd estimate, 75% complete with not many squawks uncovered. Mike the IA plans to try addressing the one I knew about, the sticky propeller control cable, later today.

The plan is to "pressure lubricate" the cable by attaching a fitting, pouring lubricant in the end, and then connecting an air hose while working the cable core in and out. If that doesn't produce the desired result then the cable will need to be replaced. Of course, of all of the engine control cables (throttle, prop, mixture) this is the expensive one at about $400 (plus about $200 labor to install a new one).

The forward engine mounts (think "rubber doughnuts") are deteriorated and will have to be replaced. That will involve supporting the front end of the engine with an engine hoist, disassembling the mounting hardware, and replacing the rubber elements. The rubber parts shouldn't be very costly but the labor will run $250 to $350.

Finally, the inlet air filter element has filtered its last, and needs replacing. The rest is "odds and ends", which will certainly add up but are not individually daunting.

I've asked Mike and Skip to call me if they find anything scary as Mike completes the inspection. The target remains to get N631S back and flying next Friday.

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Anonymous said...

Frank, you'll notice lots smoother starts and ground ops with those new mounts.

Good luck with the remainder of the work. Getting through an annual is an anxiety that only an owner knows...