Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aviation Trivia of the Day

Attention is invited to an addition to the list of blogs maintained in the sidebar: Aviation Trivia of the Day. It is curated by J.P. Santiago who describes himself as, among other worthy things, an "Aviation Über Geek."

The blog is a compendium of delightful arcana and obscurities from the world of aviation. I expect it to be a substantial time-sink for me as I spelunk through its archives. If you, too, are an "aviation geek", I believe that you'll enjoy repeated visits.


Toriafly said...

Great blog-thanks for sharing it!

P.S. I have a little tracker on mine that can tell what people searched for to end up on mine and some one from NY searched your name the other day. Secret admirer maybe? ;)

Frank Van Haste said...

I dunno, Tori...never met any secret admirers. :-)