Thursday, January 13, 2011

After the Storm

Yesterday's storm deposited 16 inches of snow on KBDR and this morning the airport is digging out. Most of the movement areas have been cleared (more or less) and final cleanup is in progress.

I made my way over there this morning and shoveled the remaining snow away from in front of N631S to the width of the main gear track. There is a small amount of icy residue clinging to the top of the wing, but the forecast is for a sunny day, not terribly cold, so I'm hopeful that it will go away of its own accord.

Meanwhile, the forecast for tomorrow afternoon and evening is favorable for a flight down to the DC area. I hope to take advantage of that.


Stephanie Belser said...

Frank, you don't pull your wheel pants in the winter?

Frank Van Haste said...

Hi, Steph!

Nope, never have. Removing the fairings on a 182 is kind of a PITA. And basically, if the snow and slush are deep enough to for me to expect a problem then I ain't going flying.