Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nothing to Report

"An uneventful journey is a good journey for the technician."
-- N.S. Norway (a.k.a. Nevil Shute)

Last evening's flight from KBDR to KVKX was exceptional only by virtue of its exceptionally unexceptional nature. After most flights I can (and do) look back and reflect on lessons learned, errors of omission or commission to be avoided in the future, and points of interest to be shared. It's a rarity to be unable to fill any of these categories.

Preflight, startup and takeoff were uneventful, climb-out was more efficient that usual (with a minimum of vectors from ATC for sequencing at Sparta) and soon N631S and I were on top in the sunshine.

The winds aloft had only a modest effect on progress, with ground-speed for most of the trip close to 130 knots - that's pretty good for the westbound portions. Controllers offered up several small but helpful shortcuts. After Lancaster (LRP) we descended to 6,000 feet and that had us beneath the broken ceiling as far as Baltimore (BAL); after that, clear skies.

Arriving in the DC environs, the visibility was very good and it was easy to pick up the home 'drome (KVKX) visually. And the landing was great (i.e., I get to use the airplane again).

So I got to log 2.3 hours of pleasant aviating and wound up with little to talk about. In short, the best kind of flight.

An administrative note: For some time I've been bothered by the long, narrow strip of blog-space in the lower reaches of the sidebar. So I've done some housekeeping; it's now occupied by an entirely idiosyncratic list of aviators and aircraft designers whom I have long admired. Most of the photos link to something interesting. I hope you'll have a look around down there. Comments always welcome. (Hat tip to Captain Dave of Flight Level 390, whose similar feature inspired this one.)

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