Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Long Way Round

This morning there was quite a bit of fairly ominous-looking weather over much of New Jersey so I decided to try a northbound route over eastern Pennsylvania. This lead to a swing to the north via the Huguenot VOR (HUO) and the Kingston VOR (IGN) before approaching KBDR from the north.

That last patch north of Bridgeport showed up as mostly yellow with a few flecks of light orange on the Garmin/XM display. It offered moderate rain and a tiny bit of light turbulence.

This was the METAR as I was flying the ILS 6 instrument approach:

KBDR 211452Z 04008KT 9SM -RA OVC014 18/17 A3015 RMK AO2 SLP211 P0005

Good visibility in light rain with a 1,400 foot overcast. I actually broke out of the overcast at 1,100 feet.

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