Monday, May 4, 2009

Air Traffic Delays!

I planned an 0900 local time departure from KVKX this morning. N631S and I were at the hold-short line for Runway 6, in the rain, at 0905 and I called for IFR release. Not forthcoming. KDCA is landing south and the final is stretched out 28 miles. Call back in 15 minutes, give us your cell phone number we'll call if we can get you out sooner. Sure. 

So I sat there with the big Continental leaned and idling and called again about 0920. Gee, we had a hole for you but a couple guys went around and the hole went away. We'll call you. I taxied around to the runup pad and shut down.

0930 the phone rings. Potomac Approach has my release. Can I be off in 5 minutes? Sure! After that, the flight was routine. 2.2 hours (of which 0.3 was pre-takeoff) with 1.4 actual instrument time. It ended with the ILS 6 approach at BDR. If you're interested, the FlightAware track is HERE.

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