Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today at KBDR

The roar of big round engines is again being heard in the pattern at Sikorsky Memorial Airport. The B-17G Yankee Lady is in town for display and demonstration rides. I stopped by the field this morning and must say that, at 68 years young, the Lady is looking quite lovely.


Gary said...


Beautiful aircraft!! I was lucky to hear it rumble overhead while working in Cape May NJ. I decided to head over to WWD and check out the aircraft, up close. It made my day!

Frank Van Haste said...


The following Monday morning N631S and I were headed up V1 approaching CYN and heard this exchange:

AC Appr.: "Nxxxx, traffic 12 o'clock opposite direction at 3,000, a Bellanca."

Nyyyy: "Umm...Nyyyy is a Boeing B-17"

AC Appr.: "Oops, sorry, I thought that was a Bellanca type."

Nyyyy: "It's OK, we've been called worse."

With that for a heads-up I started searching and soon saw her headed south, 2,000 feet below me and no doubt headed down to KWWD. Pretty far off, but the silhouette was unmistakable. And that made my day!

Best regards,