Monday, April 4, 2011

Meanwhile, From the Train...

Well, it's Monday morning and I'm posting this from AMTRAK's Train 172 headed north just outside of Philadelphia. Last Friday's rainy weather coupled with a ferocious trough that brought arctic air and cold temperatures aloft meant that N631S had to spend the weekend in Connecticut.

Last week was generally cool in the northeast. One small benefit of this was to delay the peaking of the cherry blossoms in DC until I could get there. Yesterday the weather was still a bit cool and breezy but pleasant enough in the sunshine.

It's become a delightful annual ritual for us to go into the District during the peak period of the blossoms and join the throng for a walk around the Tidal Basin and past Mr. Jefferson's memorial; then a pleasant brunch at Olde Ebbitt Grill.

And as I ride the rails northward, the good folks at Three Wing Flying Services have presumably collected N631S from its tie-down and brought it into the maintenance hangar to commence this year's Annual Inspection. I will stop off after work this evening to collect all of the loose bits (flashlights and pubs and portable electronics and etc.) to get them out of the way. And over the next few days I'll be blogging about the progress of the inspection.

I'm hoping to get the airplane back by 4/14, thus having only one weekend lost to the maintenance period. Of course that depends on what turns up when we open up the airplane.

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