Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Nice Surprise

Last evening after work I went over to KBDR to check on N631S and to see what would be needed to liberate the airplane from the aftermath of the recent winter weather. It was rather a shock to walk onto the apron and find that the airplane was gone. As in, not where I left it. Gee, it was there last Friday...

I thought first that perhaps the folks at Three Wing, from whom I rent the tiedown, had moved it to another location but it wasn't anywhere on their ramp, nor in either of their hangars. Then a thought occurred to me. I walked down the line to Volo Aviation's big hangar and looked in the window. There, snug and warm in a corner among the Gulfstreams and Lears, sat N631S!

Although I rent my tiedown from Three Wing, it is actually closer to Volo's ramp. When the storm was approaching they pulled the big iron inside and, according to their line person, "We couldn't see leaving you out there in the weather so we pulled yours in too."

Now, I am not a customer of Volo Aviation. They didn't need to trouble themselves about N631S. There's been no hint that they want to be compensated. They were just being good neighbors on the airport. So, herewith, a warm "Thanks, guys!" to the staff and management of Volo's KBDR operation. I owe ya' one.

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== T.J.== said...

Awesome story! Just shows what a tight knit fraternity aviation is!!!