Monday, May 31, 2010

Stationary Weather?

The flight Friday evening down to the DC area from Connecticut offered something new (or at least, unusual).

The photo at left was taken at 2131Z (and I apologize for the poor quality). At the time, N631S and I were headed west in Allentown's airspace and I was looking rather unhappily at all that colorful weather just to the west of my destination. That picture usually says that the interesting weather will arrive at KVKX at about the same time I do. This is not very good.

But, I watched that weather for the next hour + 15 minutes and it didn't move! I found that really remarkable.

In fact, the more severe parts of it seemed to dissipate. By the time I landed at 2246Z, all I got was a light shower passing to the east of Andrews AFB, followed by an uneventful visual approach.

It was certainly nice of that weather to stay where it was rather than coming east to make my life difficult.

This pretty bird was parked at KBDR on Friday morning when I stopped by to stow my bag aboard N631S. They had an airshow laid on for this weekend, to include a number of Corsairs. Thousands of them were built at the Vought plant right across from Sikorsky Memorial and so there is a lot of affection for the type in that area. I hope that they had a successful show.

And this is Rolling Thunder! The shot was taken about 1:00 PM Sunday on Independence Avenue in DC, across from the National Museum of the American Indian. We watched as about 6,000 motorcycles passed on their way to the annual gathering on the Mall near the Lincoln Memorial. The event started years ago to draw attention to the POW-MIA issues left unresolved after the conflict in Vietnam wound down. Lot's of the guys are getting pretty gray now, but it's a stirring sight to watch them ride into town.

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Christine Negroni said...

They did indeed have an excellent show in Stratford Memorial Day, Frank. Next year, try to make it.
You can now read about it on my blog. http://christinenegroni.blogspot.com/2010/06/new-thoughts-about-old-planes-on.html

(But you and I know that wasn't so easy.)

Safe travels.