Monday, November 23, 2009

An Uneventful Weekend

The flight from Connecticut to the DC area on Friday evening was enjoyable. The skies were clear, the headwinds moderate and the airplane was purring like a kitten. There are few experiences in life that offer as much pleasure as a flight on a clear night.

Today's northbound flight was nearly as uneventful. The 1,500 foot ceiling made an IFR departure from KVKX a good idea, but upon reaching 5,000 feet MSL things opened up and quite soon it was a lovely flight between the layers.

N631S and I descended back through the clouds (with the help of New York Approach) and broke out at about 2,000 feet MSL around 12 miles southwest of Bridgeport for the visual approach to Rwy 6.

The next event is to fly south on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in Virginia. From here, the weather looks like it will be flyable, although the forecasts call for lingering clouds and drizzle. Tomorrow will bring more useful forecasts.

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