Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Annual Inspection (III)

As noted earlier, it's time to replace the bellows-thingy in the carb inlet air duct. Normally I would dig out my parts catalog and look for the part number, then search on CessnaParts.com or on "I Want Cessna Parts" (aka Premier Aviation) to check price and availability. But I'm here in Connecticut and the parts catalog is back home in Virginia.

Once again, it is Cessna Pilots Association (CPA) to the rescue! CPA is a "type club" (and an excellent one, at that). It maintains an extensive web site with a very active members forum. I posted a query in the "Maintenance" section and in a couple of hours I had a response from a member in California that provided the part numbers I needed.

Y'all pay 'tenshun here: If you fly a Cessna you cannot make a better expenditure than the few bucks ($55, I think) for annual membership in CPA. Every year without fail, I learn things that save me far more than the membership fee. CPA is a Very Good Thing!

Anyway, now I know that I need p/n 0752016-7, officially an Expander Boot. Either of the previously referenced sources will sell me one for about $75. By the way, it is most fortunate that I only need the silicone rubber boot and not the entire assembly including the associated aluminum bits. The assembly would cost $1,318.50. (Ouch!)

Let me put in a few words of praise for the Cessna Aircraft Co. on the subject of parts. OK, they aren't cheap. But as a matter of policy, Cessna sees to it that I can get the parts I need to maintain my 32 year old airplane. Not every owner of an older airframe has that comfort level.

I shared the results of my research with Three Wing and they assure me that they are on track to get the boot in-house in time to support completion of the annual by Friday.

So far, so good...


Unknown said...

The boot expander costs nearly $400 now! I would love to find one for $75.

Mark said...

Anybody replace this boot.? Time involved ?

Frank Van Haste said...

Hey, Mark, it was nine years ago so my memory is hazy but I don't recall it as being a major time item. It does involve drilling and re-riveting so probably a couple of hours at least.